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Example of an Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu that delivers the same User Experience (UX) on ANY SIZE screen device

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The cellular infrastructure and the hardware and software used in today's premium Smartphone devices has changed drastically since these devices were first introduced to the public.

Apple released the first iPhone on June 2007
Android released their 1st Smartphone on September 2008
Microsoft released their 1st Windows Smartphone on October 2010

The computing power of the latest Apple Smartphone rivals some of the best laptops! The trends and statistics related to Smartphone growth, mobile internet traffic and cell phone carrier network speed improvements are UNDENIABLE!

The Mobile First website design methodology is focused on the Mobile User Experience (UX)!

This website design strategy does not just concentrate on developing for the small screen of a Smartphone. It is also used to deliver better usability of websites, develop better use of screen real estate and, reduce the amount unnecessary elements from pages.

Benefits of a MOBILE FIRST Website Design Methodology

👍 The Navigation Menu is positioned at the Bottom of the Screen for OPTIMAL Thumb Zone access! Mobile First is latest website design methodology that is focused on the Mobile User Experience (UX)
👍 The Thumb Zone Friendly Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu provides OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE ACCESS to both the LEFT and RIGHT hand THUMB FINGERS. Example of an Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu designed for OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE access on ANY SIZE Smartphone screen
👍 A single web page layout that can scale from a small Smartphone screen to a large screen TV without CSS3 Media Queries. The Mobile First layout can scale from an IPhone 4 to a large screen Smart TV
👍 The results is a SUPER FAST WEB PAGE THAT LOADS IN UNDER .5 seconds that exploits Google's Major Change to it's Mobile Ranking Algorithm!

Encourage you to explore the rest of my website so that you can understand how you can benefit from a Mobile First Website design!

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