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Raul Gonzalez, a Mobile First Website Designer and PHP Developer in Dallas, TX

In the last 10 years, there has been a revolution in mobile technology. If your business already has a desktop website, ask yourself how will your business benefit by having a MOBILE WEBSITE? Not sure about your answer? I encourage you to:
  1. Check out these amazing real-time mobile statistics about Google, Whatsapp, Smartphone Sales, Online Payments and others.
  2. Read John Mueller's article from Google suggesting that you DO NOT NEED A DESKTOP WEBSITE. Having a MOBILE FIRST website design strategy should suffice!
  3. Visit my Mobile News section and read the latest articles related to mobile internet growth, mobile website trends, and Smartphone trends.
  4. Run the tests listed below on your website and see if your business can take advantage of these mobile features.

Have you viewed your website using different Smartphone screen sizes? Is it readable without Pinching In/Out on your mobile browser?


Google has a new mobile test that allows you to find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices. How did your website perform in this test?


Do you have a Back to Top link feature on your website? Learn why this feature is imporant on mobile websites.


Learn why your website needs to have a Click-to-Call feature that allows your mobile website visitors to call you from their Smartphone with just one click?


Your Smartphone and Tablet home screen isn't just for apps. Try adding your website to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen. Is your website using a custom Icon?


You should consider using a Smart Form that hides your email address and checks for a valid visitor's email address domain name to cut down on SPAM emails?


Is your website linking your address to Google Maps or Apple Maps software so that your website visitor get voice driving directions and traffic information to your business location?


Do you have automation in place that sends you REAL TIME EMAIL AND SMS ALERTS when the server detects malicious intent and/or suspicious activity if someone is trying to exploit vulnerabilities and/or hack your website?

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