Click to call Raul Gonzalez, a Mobile First Website Designer and PHP Developer in Dallas, TX Explains the history of website design types and has an informative Mobile First website example and tutorial.

A Mobile First Website Designer and PHP Developer in Dallas, TX

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Throughout the history of website design, the methodologies, software and technology used to build websites have changed drastically. As a result of new technology innovation and latest mobile trends and statistics, a new website design methodology is being used to build the next generation websites. It is called Mobile First and I encourage you to explore my Mobile First Tutorial so that you can understand the detail analysis that is needed to implement this type of website design. THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!

Why should you use my services?

✅ I have had a personal website since 1999 that has been redesigned 4 times.

✅ Have designed and developed internal company websites as needed for the teams that I have managed throughout my IT career.

✅ Currently, I only design and develop websites with a Mobile First design strategy!

❌ DO NOT USE any Content Management System (CMS) software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.

✅ ONLY SOFTWARE USED in developing websites are HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL which is the standard software used by professionals in building and deploying mobile websites.

✅ All of my website designs use Mobile Design Features such as: ✅ Most web design agencies bundle services. Instead, I offer an hourly rate. That means that you pay ONLY one time for the cost of designing and implementing your new website. After the work is completed, you can contact me anytime and I will only charge you an hourly rate if I need to logon to your server to fix a problem or solve an issue.

✅ The Mobile First Menu Navigation User Interface (UI) that I use has the following features: ✅ Having over 30 years of IT executive and technical experience, I know how to provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
✅ Take advantage of my 👍 FREE service to AUDIT your website and see if it is optimized for speed!

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Call me at 972-372-4237 or, send me an email with your existing or new website design project! My initial consultation is FREE and I can address any concerns, issues, and questions that you may have. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter.

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